How to remove the hair under the armpits (justlady) rusia


In fact, pubic and axillary hair - a rudiment, which once served to protect the pass in those areas of the lymph nodes. Today the vegetation under the arms remained only as a reminder to humanity of his not-so-distant past. And for most people, the removal of hair has long been a familiar and regular hygienic procedure. Remove the hair from the armpits can be a variety of ways.

Hair Removal electrodepilator

At home, you can use an electric epilator - the device, pull out the hair from the root. However, this procedure is quite painful, and requires some skill. But the result - smooth underarms for 3-4 weeks.


Another way to remove unwanted vegetation Home - waxing. Skin pasted special composition, and then abruptly breaks with the hairs sticking to it. It is also quite painful, but just as electrolysis provides long-term result.

In hair removal with wax, there is one drawback. Any awkward movement, and some wax left on the skin. Remove sticky mass will be difficult.

Depilatory creams

You can spare yourself and buy a depilatory cream, consisting of components that deplete the visible part of the hair. Using them is easy: apply to armpit, waiting, shooting paste along with the hair. It is pleasant and painless. However, the procedure has not affected the hair roots, and, hence, will not pass, and a few days as the hair removal should be repeated.


Shaving - the most democratic and simple method of controlling undesirable vegetation. Oh, that is easier to go to the bath, put on the armpit shaving aid and a few strokes razor to remove hair. However, the effect of shaving to last very long. Within a day or two will start to break underarm impudent young shoots.

Laser and fotoelilyatsiya

There are other ways to cope with hair under the armpits - and laser epilation. However, in order to take advantage of them, will have to go to the salon and put some (not small) money. But the vegetation will be removed professionally, efficiently and, most likely, forever.

Running to stay healthy and fit

Kendaraan Yang Ekonomis

The moderate exercise and steady is a sort of "panacea" that can help fight many of the ills of our time.

Running, for example, allows you to vent the stress after a day of work, it allows to collect his thoughts and to consume a portion of calories helpful to not gain weight.

The race, too, can also help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases, high incidence, typical of industrialized countries, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

The constant movement and of medium intensity due to race can, in fact, trained to keep the cardiovascular system and to consume energy that otherwise would turn into fat reserves.

In addition, the stroke contributes to increasing the vital capacity of the lungs and the maximum respiratory volume, also improving tissue oxygenation.

Some American studies have even shown that run for 45 minutes a day, 5 times a week for six months, increases the value of "good" cholesterol HDL cholesterol of 14-15% and leads to a decrease in triglycerides. Add to this that, as the majority of physical activities, also the stroke causes the production of endorphins, ie of wellbeing hormones, which will perceive a feeling of pleasure relaxed, even if after a reasonable effort.

Tired and happy, then, after a short run, as long as you follow a few small precautions. It should, first of all, to approach the race gradually and to the extent consistent with their physical condition. Start with a few minutes a day, then gradually increase the time, distance and speed training.

Remember to do stretching exercises before and after the race and run properly. That means you have proper footwear that attutiscano the impact of the foot on the ground and avoid running on the asphalt, preferring paths clay. Very important also the nutrition and hydration.

Running requires energy and makes you sweat. So it is good not to do it on an empty stomach, but after at least 2 hours by a lunch, and it's important to have him with water or beverages containing mineral supplements, the latter especially if it is very hot and if the sweating is conspicuous.

Smoking and maintain beautiful lips

Cara memerahkan bibir dengan membersihkan bibir setiap malam - AyoKesehatan

Smoking causes some aesthetic inconveniences whose damaged or spotted lips.

Generally, men arrange themselves in more or less but the poor women that we are not.

Have a colored spot on the corner of the lip - or worse, in the middle - caused by tar sacrosanct cigarette spoils the landscape (and I'm not talking about teeth).

So how to clear them? This is what we will see with a small recipe home and some appropriate massages.

To begin, gather the following ingredients:

1 lemon
of honey
of sweet almond oil
1 lip balm stick

and do the following:

Daily for one week:

To remove tobacco tasks, cut a slice of lemon and squeeze gently on your lips to extract the juice. Gently massage your lips with your fingers for one to two minutes highlighting the marked areas. Lemon has a drying effect, rinse with clean water before applying lip balm to hydrate your lips.
Every night before bed and once cleansed, prepare a mixture composed of a good lemon peel mixed with honey. Mix and apply a thin layer on your lips before sleeping. Do this until you have not regained a healthy color to your lips.

After the elimination phase of tobacco tasks:

Massage your lips at night before going to sleep with sweet almond oil. Do not rinse and let sit overnight. This will moisten your lips and will give them a beautiful color and plump appearance.
Apply moisturizing lip balm to protect and moisturize your lips. This prevents the return of brown spots.

Everyday :

Drink lots of water and fruit juice. Besides the re-hydration and vitamin intake, you saliverez a little more and humecterez your lips more frequently. This will tend to keep unsightly tasks away from your lips and avoid discoloration.

You know any other tricks?

How to Push Up


Push ups are a type of exercise activity that serves to reinforce the strength of the biceps and triceps muscles. Push ups can also be for membersarkan chest muscle. Push-up is one sport that does not require the cost and easy to do. Push ups can be done in the room, the field, and so on. However, if you do push-ups in a way that carelessly or wrong, it does not bring good benefits, but it can give bad effects to your body.

Push up the wall

How to do a push-up wall
Push up the wall is very suitable for beginners. How to do it by standing right in front diding flat, then put both hands in front of the wall. Then bend your arm to advance the body forward like a wall is being pushed against the wall. Perform routine every day, if you are already used to and try to do the movement dozens of times. Now trying to do with pressure on every movement and every movement try to do push-ups using only one hand.

Push up knee

How to do a push-up knee
Push up using knees serve as the foundation have a heavier load than the wall push-ups. Position your body like a perfect push-ups, but in this way your knee as a pedestal. Place your hands on the floor with a straight face forward and feet crossed. Lower your chest close to the floor and then slowly return to starting position.

Push up perfectly

How to do a perfect push-ups
Push up perfect requiring more power than the wall push-ups and push-up knee, this is because the pedestal push up perfectly located at the tip of the toe. How good is perfect while doing push-ups do not use the pedestal, because it is better if it is done directly in front of the floor.

6 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

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Stress isn't a illness that has to be treated with chemical medicine. Stress state of someone UN agency ought to be forthwith self-addressed. will be} as a result of if stress is left in an exceedingly long amount of your time will cause someone to be mad can even cause suicide. the subsequent are going to be given many ways in which to eliminate stress with ease.

1. Perform a healthful activity

When you expertise stress or fatigue do healthy activities. the way to relieve stress thought this might be done by doing activities that nourish example solely do light-weight exercise within the afternoon or early morning. Sports that don't have to be compelled to be serious enough to cardiopulmonary exercise or walking alone daily.

2. Yoga or Meditation

Yoga or meditation has been celebrated to make a relaxed and cozy. the way to relieve stress with yoga or meditation will create your mind become a lot of relaxed and calm. Meditate in an exceedingly snug and funky. additionally, actuation a deep breath throughout yoga or meditation.

3. hear music

Listening to music is a method to eliminate the strain that afflicts you. once the mind is already feeling tired try and play your favorite music. This methodology is tested to relax the mind. you'll be able to conjointly buzzing the song being compete. this may add you a lot of relaxed and happy.

4. Get enough rest

How to relieve stress quickest is to rest. Stress can even flow from to too tired or weary within the work. With adequate rest will overcome fatigue and makes the body rested. Rest your body a minimum of eight hours in an exceedingly day.

5. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a method to eliminate the strain of the foremost effectual. whereas experiencing several issues severe enough you must be positive minded. Avoid negative thinking as a result of it'll solely boost the burden and make a lot of stress.

6. Laugh

A very powerful thanks to relieve stress is to laugh. Laughter will unharness all the load in mind. With amusing as onerous as you'll be able to trigger the formation of a secretion which will cause you to a lot of relaxed and happy. you'll be able to see the funny cartoons or comedies which will create laugh.