How to Treat Thrush On Babies


It could also, because of the effect of antibiotics on the baby, the percentage of healthy bacteria levels decreased. So the spread of the fungus Candida increasingly rampant in the body of the baby. If this happens, the baby can be infected with canker sores, because one of the causes of canker sores is the fungus Candida, more details will be discussed below.

How to Treat Thrush On Babies

If the baby has thrush, the baby will be reluctant to drink the milk. If sustained over the long term, then the baby will experience malnutrition and infant growth becomes stunted. So, if the baby is infected with canker sores cause must be found and immediately given appropriate treatment immediately so that canker sores heal.

Re talking about the fungus Candida which became one of the causes of thrush in infants. And if it is infected, then the sprue can attack several parts of the mouth, which is usually in the region of the cheek, palate and on the teeth and gums of the baby.

Effective solution and the best treatment to cure thrush in children or infants are in the following way. Read also Tips Fattening Body Quickly.

1. Try not to baby's lips bitten accidentally, for example, at meal times do not take the baby kidding. And at bedtime, baby sleeping position should be correct so it will reduce the risk of the baby's lips bitten and injured. Also could get the baby gargle mouthwash safe use and specifically for infants.
2. The second way is keep cleaning your baby's mouth, make it a habit to brush your baby's teeth.
3. The third is vitamin baby should be enough, do not let the baby vitamin deficiency. For example, vitamin C and vitamin B, which is useful to accelerate the process of wound healing.

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