How to Push Up


Push ups are a type of exercise activity that serves to reinforce the strength of the biceps and triceps muscles. Push ups can also be for membersarkan chest muscle. Push-up is one sport that does not require the cost and easy to do. Push ups can be done in the room, the field, and so on. However, if you do push-ups in a way that carelessly or wrong, it does not bring good benefits, but it can give bad effects to your body.

Push up the wall

How to do a push-up wall
Push up the wall is very suitable for beginners. How to do it by standing right in front diding flat, then put both hands in front of the wall. Then bend your arm to advance the body forward like a wall is being pushed against the wall. Perform routine every day, if you are already used to and try to do the movement dozens of times. Now trying to do with pressure on every movement and every movement try to do push-ups using only one hand.

Push up knee

How to do a push-up knee
Push up using knees serve as the foundation have a heavier load than the wall push-ups. Position your body like a perfect push-ups, but in this way your knee as a pedestal. Place your hands on the floor with a straight face forward and feet crossed. Lower your chest close to the floor and then slowly return to starting position.

Push up perfectly

How to do a perfect push-ups
Push up perfect requiring more power than the wall push-ups and push-up knee, this is because the pedestal push up perfectly located at the tip of the toe. How good is perfect while doing push-ups do not use the pedestal, because it is better if it is done directly in front of the floor.

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