Smoking and maintain beautiful lips

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Smoking causes some aesthetic inconveniences whose damaged or spotted lips.

Generally, men arrange themselves in more or less but the poor women that we are not.

Have a colored spot on the corner of the lip - or worse, in the middle - caused by tar sacrosanct cigarette spoils the landscape (and I'm not talking about teeth).

So how to clear them? This is what we will see with a small recipe home and some appropriate massages.

To begin, gather the following ingredients:

1 lemon
of honey
of sweet almond oil
1 lip balm stick

and do the following:

Daily for one week:

To remove tobacco tasks, cut a slice of lemon and squeeze gently on your lips to extract the juice. Gently massage your lips with your fingers for one to two minutes highlighting the marked areas. Lemon has a drying effect, rinse with clean water before applying lip balm to hydrate your lips.
Every night before bed and once cleansed, prepare a mixture composed of a good lemon peel mixed with honey. Mix and apply a thin layer on your lips before sleeping. Do this until you have not regained a healthy color to your lips.

After the elimination phase of tobacco tasks:

Massage your lips at night before going to sleep with sweet almond oil. Do not rinse and let sit overnight. This will moisten your lips and will give them a beautiful color and plump appearance.
Apply moisturizing lip balm to protect and moisturize your lips. This prevents the return of brown spots.

Everyday :

Drink lots of water and fruit juice. Besides the re-hydration and vitamin intake, you saliverez a little more and humecterez your lips more frequently. This will tend to keep unsightly tasks away from your lips and avoid discoloration.

You know any other tricks?

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