Running to stay healthy and fit

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The moderate exercise and steady is a sort of "panacea" that can help fight many of the ills of our time.

Running, for example, allows you to vent the stress after a day of work, it allows to collect his thoughts and to consume a portion of calories helpful to not gain weight.

The race, too, can also help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases, high incidence, typical of industrialized countries, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

The constant movement and of medium intensity due to race can, in fact, trained to keep the cardiovascular system and to consume energy that otherwise would turn into fat reserves.

In addition, the stroke contributes to increasing the vital capacity of the lungs and the maximum respiratory volume, also improving tissue oxygenation.

Some American studies have even shown that run for 45 minutes a day, 5 times a week for six months, increases the value of "good" cholesterol HDL cholesterol of 14-15% and leads to a decrease in triglycerides. Add to this that, as the majority of physical activities, also the stroke causes the production of endorphins, ie of wellbeing hormones, which will perceive a feeling of pleasure relaxed, even if after a reasonable effort.

Tired and happy, then, after a short run, as long as you follow a few small precautions. It should, first of all, to approach the race gradually and to the extent consistent with their physical condition. Start with a few minutes a day, then gradually increase the time, distance and speed training.

Remember to do stretching exercises before and after the race and run properly. That means you have proper footwear that attutiscano the impact of the foot on the ground and avoid running on the asphalt, preferring paths clay. Very important also the nutrition and hydration.

Running requires energy and makes you sweat. So it is good not to do it on an empty stomach, but after at least 2 hours by a lunch, and it's important to have him with water or beverages containing mineral supplements, the latter especially if it is very hot and if the sweating is conspicuous.

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