How to remove the hair under the armpits (justlady) rusia


In fact, pubic and axillary hair - a rudiment, which once served to protect the pass in those areas of the lymph nodes. Today the vegetation under the arms remained only as a reminder to humanity of his not-so-distant past. And for most people, the removal of hair has long been a familiar and regular hygienic procedure. Remove the hair from the armpits can be a variety of ways.

Hair Removal electrodepilator

At home, you can use an electric epilator - the device, pull out the hair from the root. However, this procedure is quite painful, and requires some skill. But the result - smooth underarms for 3-4 weeks.


Another way to remove unwanted vegetation Home - waxing. Skin pasted special composition, and then abruptly breaks with the hairs sticking to it. It is also quite painful, but just as electrolysis provides long-term result.

In hair removal with wax, there is one drawback. Any awkward movement, and some wax left on the skin. Remove sticky mass will be difficult.

Depilatory creams

You can spare yourself and buy a depilatory cream, consisting of components that deplete the visible part of the hair. Using them is easy: apply to armpit, waiting, shooting paste along with the hair. It is pleasant and painless. However, the procedure has not affected the hair roots, and, hence, will not pass, and a few days as the hair removal should be repeated.


Shaving - the most democratic and simple method of controlling undesirable vegetation. Oh, that is easier to go to the bath, put on the armpit shaving aid and a few strokes razor to remove hair. However, the effect of shaving to last very long. Within a day or two will start to break underarm impudent young shoots.

Laser and fotoelilyatsiya

There are other ways to cope with hair under the armpits - and laser epilation. However, in order to take advantage of them, will have to go to the salon and put some (not small) money. But the vegetation will be removed professionally, efficiently and, most likely, forever.

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