4 Causes of Hair Lice


Head lice are a common problem and can often be heard at this time. Various changes paced lifestyle facilitated by an assortment of products is the source of the arrival of lice in the hair. In the United States six to twelve million children are having problems with head lice each year.

Presence of head lice often make people scratching their heads due to parasites refuge in the scalp to suck blood. If not given immediate treatment of female flea will lay as many as six a day that will hatch after approximately 8 days.

Head lice is a serious problem, because some experts say lice can be transmitted when people interact with relatives, family and lover to fly from hair to hair people person invited to interact by patients.

Causes Lice
The presence of lice on the scalp is not merely a coincidence, but there is a cause that you might not expect. Lice hair alighted from one patient to prospective patients through objects commonly used to treat the hair, for example, is a comb.

1. Using a comb which is also used by a person who is being overwritten risk of spreading head lice problem is on your problem, to avoid using a comb friends who are fleas.
2. Towels are also the object of attachment ticks, if one of your family members suffer from this disorder do not use the towel he had worn to avoid migration of lice.
3. Frequent hair care products that contain hazardous substances such as chemicals is a major cause of birth of lice on the scalp.
4. Or it could be because you are lazy to take care of the hair so the hair is dirty.

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